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About us


Dorian L. Anders
Level 3 DCI Judge
Home base: Western suburbs of Philadelphia
Playing Magic since before the Dark
Judging - since before the advent of sanctioned events
Life outside Magic: Web design, computers, martial arts


John Carter
Level 3 DCI Judge
Home base: Memphis
Playing since Fallen Empires
Judging - since 1995
Delphi Group Editor


Michael Kastberg
Level 3 DCI Judge
Home Base: Copenhagen, Denmark
Playing magic since Revised
Judging - 1 year
Delphi Test Project Manager
Life outside magic: Law school

*martial music blarring*
Guerilla judges of the world unite!

No longer shall answers include "there is a rule out there somewhere..."!
We shall quote from the Oracle.
We shall cite the Comprehensive Rulebook.
We shall respond to players in need and do so in a timely yet complete manner.
We shall infiltrate events from the eastern sea to the southern doughnut shops and undermine entrenched event authority by being nice and approachable.
We will dwell among players and forsake the Ivory Tower of Renton!
We shall proclaim the names of the Phases!
We will explain the stack in detail and use real examples!
And we shall eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of State-Based Effects!!!

The war is on... beware the Guerilla Judges!

Recruits welcome