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Test Yourself
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Sixth edition rules tests
Confusing cards and card interactions
  • The Parallax Cards
    1. Parallax Wave: 2WW Enchantment
      Fading 5. (This enchantment comes into play with five fade counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a fade counter from it. If you can't, sacrifice it.) Remove a fade counter from Parallax Wave: Remove target creature from the game if Parallax Wave is in play. When Parallax Wave leaves play, each player returns to play all cards other than Parallax Wave he or she owns removed from the game with Parallax Wave.
      Q.-If your Parallax Wave is a creature (because a permanent such as Opalescence is in play), if you use one of its fading counters to remove it from play, what happens?
      A.If Parallax Wave somehow removes itself from the game, it will not return itself to play. ALSO - if this card is not in play on resolution of its ability, the effect does nothing. If it is removed from the game by a different Parallax Wave, it will still return to play.
    2. Parallax Nexus: 2B Enchantment
      Fading 5. Remove a fade counter from Parallax Nexus: Target opponent removes a card in his or her hand from the game if Parallax Nexus is in play. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery. When Parallax Nexus leaves play, each player returns to his or her hand all cards he or she owns removed from the game with Parallax Nexus.
      Note: cards removed from the game are set aside face up as are all cards removed from the game unless a spell or effect specifically says that they are removed face down.
    3. Parallax Questions - Q. When a permanent has been removed from play through the use of one of the parallax cards, how does it re-enter play? Tapped or Untapped? With or without fade counters? Are coming into play effects triggered or not? If a Legend returns and another Legend of the same name is in play, what happens?
      A.Parallaxed permanents return to play untapped, with a complete set of fading counters (if they have fading), with summoning sickness, and all coming-into-play effects trigger.
      The returning Legend is considered the New one and thus goes to the graveyard.
  • Misdirection: 3UU Instant. You may remove a blue card in your hand from the game instead of paying Misdirection's mana cost. Target spell with a single target targets another target instead.
    1. Player A plays a Replenish, putting it on the stack.
      Player B plays a CounterSpell targeting the Replenish.
      Player A plays a Misdirection.
      Q. Can Misdirection target the Counterspell?
      A. Yes, when Misdirection is played (put on the stack) it targets the Counterspell. The new target for the Counterspell does not have to be selected until the Misdirection resolves. When the Misdirection resolves it is on the stack, so the Counterspell can be redirected to target the Misdirection itself. The Counterspell cannot be redirected to target itself.
      hmmm... not quite intuitive, is it? After pondering this card text, I've decided that the problems come about from the use of the word "target". One of the goals of Sixth edition rules was to make everything simplier. While largely this has been true, this card text is problematic. Sixth edition rules tell us that when a spell or ability is placed on the stack a number of things must be done:
      1. mana costs must be payed
      2. sacrifices are made if they are a cost (and not an effect)
      3. mode of the spell must be chosen if it is modal
      4. targets must be selected
      5. X must be selected and divided if applicable (ex. x damage - you must select targets and how much damage they will receive)
      How do you know what targets are required? You read the card. Well, that's where the problem is with this card, because it refers to its own targets as well as the "target" of the spell it is targeting. Only its own target needs to be chosen on announcement.