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What? - Recent Wotc Announcements

Invasion - General Information & FAQ - September 21, 2000

DCI Banned and Restricted List Announcement - effective October 1, 2000

2000-2001 DCI Rules - Effective September 1st, 2000

The DCI has announced the new version of the floor rules for the 2000-2001 tournament season, which go into effect September 1, 2000.

The tournament rules are split up into:
the Universal Tournament Rules
Magic Floor Rules
the Universal Penalty Guidelines

An Analysis of the Changes in the
Magic: The Gathering®DCI™Floor Rules
DCI™ Universal Tournament Rules
between the 1999-2000 and 2000 - 2001 Tournament Seasons
by John Carter, DCI Level 3 Judge
The new policy on Pro Tour invitations - July 2000, Jeff Donais

Here is the old way to get invited to the Pro Tour:

  1. World Champion
  2. Pro Tour Player of the Year
  3. Top 50 players from the professional standing, based on Pro Points.
  4. Top 32 players from the previous Pro Tour
  5. Grand Prix and Qualifier tournament invitation winners
  6. Top 50 DCI-ranked players

The new policy simply replaces number 3 with:

3. Any player with 20 or more Pro Points in the professional standing.

So, we are replacing a "Top 50" with "Certain number of points". This will make it easier for people to know if they will be invited based on Pro Points. It doesn't affect any of the other methods. You still get invited based on rating normally. This doesn't affect that many people, it's really just something that helps players and staff logistically.

June 2000, Rules Team Rulings and Errata - Errata to fix Hollow Warrior, Mercenary Informer, Rebel Informer, Rhystic Cave, and the Dual lands
  You may check Wizards archive of All Wotc Rulings and Errata - monthly
Prophecy FAQ - Questions Wotc thinks will be asked at the Prophecy Pre-releases
Prophecy Card Clarifications - by the NetReps
Mercadian Masques Block - - Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero is banned
Rishadan Port is banned (effective July 1, 2000)
Combining the Extended and Standard ratings - Well, I haven't seen specific dates on this yet, but its definitely going to happen. Best guess is some type of weighted average based on the number of games played in each format.
Format for the Chicago ProTour Qualifiers - Mercadian Masques block constructed. Wizards is now alternating with these formats:
  • Constructed -- Block, Type II and Extended
  • Limited -- Team Sealed, Sealed, Sealed
2 months per season, 6 seasons a year, alternating Limited and Constructed.
Change in requirements for Judge certification - Getting certified to be a Level 1 DCI judge just got a little easier. It used to be that you had to work for two events with a Level 3 judge. Now, providing you have other judging experience, you can just work one event with a Level 3.